Are you going out of town and need more than pet sitting visits? We provide overnight stays in YOUR home! This includes any care needed during our stay such as feeding, medicating, fresh water, walks, potty breaks when needed, play and attention!

We will come to your house and stay with your pet the WHOLE night!!! Arrival times are between 6pm-9pm and departure times between 6am-9am. Our overnight stays are 12hrs long!

Overnight stays are great for pets that aren’t used to being alone at night, your pet isn’t fit for boarding, needs frequent potty breaks throughout the night, or even just the sense of security knowing that someone is keeping your home secure throughout the night!

If this service isn’t for you and you don’t feel that you need overnight stays, check out our pet sitting page!

Overnight Pet Sitting Rates

Each Night

$180 / night
  • 12 hour visit
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