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TAMLLC: The Alpha Mama LLC or a Representative of The Alpha Mama LLC
CONTRACT: This agreement and its attachment(s) as listed below.

ATTACHMENT I: “Policies and Procedures”, ATTACHMENT II: “Scheduling”, ATTACHMENT III:“Payment”, ATTACHMENT IV: “Premises Entry Release”, ATTACHMENT V: “Veterinary Release”, ATTACHMENT VI: “Pictures”, ATTACHMENT VII: “Client Information” and ATTACHMENT VIII: “Pet Information”.


The above named CLIENT is engaging TAMLLC, as an independent contractor to care for CLIENT'S pet(s) by the terms set forth in this contract and attachments.


CLIENT represents to TAMLLC that CLIENT’S pet(s) is/are in good health and current on their vaccinations. CLIENT must provide proof that pet(s) is/are up-to-date on all legally required vaccinations or a current Titer showing sufficient levels of antibodies.

If CLIENT'S pet(s) is/are not up to date on vaccinations, CLIENT is FULLY responsible for any damages, illness of pet or caused by pet to TAMLLC, animals or others that may come in contact with CLIENT’S pet(s). CLIENT shall not hold TAMLLC liable for any costs incurred due to pet not being vaccinated.

CLIENT is responsible for any costs incurred due to exposure of disease or
illness by the CLIENT'S pet(s) to TAMLLC, the general public and/or other pets. Should TAMLLC be bitten or otherwise injured by CLIENT'S pet(s), CLIENT agrees to get pet(s) tested immediately within 24 hours of bite, injury or exposure for any possible disease and/or illness and provide TAMLLC with proof of results. CLIENT agrees to immediately quarantine pet(s) until such a time that pet(s) is cleared by a vet to be free of disease or illness. If such incidence occurs while CLIENT is out of town, every effort will be made to contact and notify CLIENT. CLIENT agrees to pay all costs incurred for TAMLLC to take pet(s) to be tested. CLIENT agrees to pay all medical costs, damages, and/or lost wages incurred by TAMLLC due to such injury.

Should CLIENT’S pet(s) sustain illness, injury or death due to lack of current vaccination, CLIENT agrees that it shall not hold TAMLLC responsible for any and all liability.


CLIENT shall not hold TAMLLC responsible for any injury CLIENT’S pet(s) may sustain that may arise or result from any service provided or performed.


CLIENT Household And Property
In the event that TAMLLC is required to employ a locksmith to gain entry into CLIENT'S premises due to a malfunction of the lock or key, it will be the CLIENT'S responsibility to reimburse TAMLLC for all costs. The CLIENT gives TAMLLC full permission to employ a locksmith on CLIENT'S behalf in the event of the aforementioned occurrences.

If CLIENT hides key outside or uses another method including, but not limited to, hiding key under a mat or other item outside home, CLIENT shall not hold TAMLLC responsible for any damages or loss incurred from theft of key.

In no event will TAMLLC be liable to CLIENT for any damages, including, but not limited to any lost profits, lost savings or their incidental or consequential damages arising out of CLIENT'S use of TAMLLC services, nor will TAMLLC be liable for any claim by any third party, unless gross negligence or willful misconduct is proven on the part of the TAMLLC.

It is expressly understood that TAMLLC shall not be held responsible for any damage to CLIENT'S property, or that of others, caused by CLIENT'S pet(s) during the period in which pet(s) is/are in TAMLLC’S care. CLIENT has advised TAMLLC of all situations, which will relieve it of liability for damage. In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster TAMLLC will use their best judgment in caring for CLIENT'S pet(s) and home but cannot be held responsible for any damage to home or injury to pet(s) arising from such.

If a problem arises such as a pipe rupture, flooding, earthquake, fire, break in, animal destroying fence etc., TAMLLC will make every effort to contact CLIENT and follow their instructions. If CLIENT cannot be reached or immediate action is necessary for the health, safety and welfare of the pet, CLIENT authorizes TAMLLC to make any repairs deemed necessary by the TAMLLC. The CLIENT agrees to reimburse TAMLLC for all expenses incurred for repair of property and will hold TAMLLC blameless for work done by others or pet(s) will be taken into TAMLLC care or to another kennel, etc.

CLIENT shall, at CLIENT'S sole expense, defend TAMLLC against any claim or demand, whether or not well founded arising from any act(s) of CLIENT'S pet(s) or relation to CLIENT'S property. CLIENT shall indemnify and hold TAMLLC free and harmless from all cost, expenses and liabilities in connection with such claims or demands. These costs, expenses and liabilities include amounts paid in settlement before or after suit is commenced, attorney’s fees and costs incurred by TAMLLC in defending against such claims or demands.


Inclement Weather
In the case of snow/ice conditions, or severe storms, etc., TAMLLC will make every attempt to drive to CLIENT’S home to provide services. If road conditions warrant, or TAMLLC determines it is unsafe for CLIENT’S pet(s) to stay at CLIENT’S home, TAMLLC reserves the right to bring CLIENT’S pet(s) to TAMLLC’S home in order to continue caring for CLIENT’S pet(s) at no extra charge to CLIENT. If roads are too dangerous to drive on, TAMLLC will make every effort to notify CLIENT and/or Emergency Contact on Client Information Form.


Collars and Leashes
CLIENT will provide collars, leashes, and other items in good working condition. TAMLLC reserves the right to refuse services due to unsafe leashes or collars. If CLIENT provides a Flexi leash for TAMLLC to use, CLIENT agrees to not hold TAMLLC responsible for any loss, damage, injury or death to any pet, person or vehicle, caused by leash breaking or otherwise malfunctioning.

Shock collars and/or shock bark collars will not be used at any time during care and will NOT be accepted. If CLIENT insists on TAMLLC using a shock collar item, TAMLLC reserves the right to refuse services and will not be held responsible for any injuries caused by collar or malfunction.

CLIENT agrees to not hold TAMLLC responsible for any loss, injuries, damages, or death caused to pet(s), TAMLLC or general public, due to the pet(s) being off-leash with CLIENT’S permission, at any time.

CLIENT agrees to not hold TAMLLC responsible for any loss, damages, injuries or death to pet(s), general public, other pets, and/or property, including but not limited to, automobiles, caused by leash breaking and/or any malfunction of collar or other items provided by CLIENT.


CLIENT understands that in the event of a personal emergency or illness to TAMLLC, CLIENT authorizes TAMLLC to arrange for another trusted and qualified member of our team to fulfill responsibilities as set forth in this contract. CLIENT is responsible for all expenses and fees.


TAMLLC reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during its term if TAMLLC, in their sole discretion, determines that CLIENT'S pet(s) pose a danger to the health and/or safety of TAMLLC.


CLIENT understands that if payment is not made and/or arrangements are not made for pet(s) to be picked up, animal will be deemed abandoned and TAMLLC will proceed according to the guidelines provided by Washington State statutes on the abandonment of animals.


Any disputes in excess of $5000 (or the maximum limit for small claims court) arising out of this CONTRACT shall be submitted to binding arbitration before the Joint Ethics Committee or a mutually agreed-upon Arbitrator pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The Arbitrator's award shall be final, and judgment may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The CLIENT shall pay all arbitration and court costs, reasonable attorney's fees, investigator fees and legal interest on any award or judgment in favor of TAMLLC.


Cameras & Surveillance Footage
If CLIENT has "nanny cams" set to record inside of the home while a sitter is scheduled to provide overnight stays, TAMLLC reserves the right to set up their own camera in the same area (ONLY during overnight stays, TAMLLC camera will be removed at the end of that reservation).

In the event that CLIENT has a complaint about something that they saw on the footage that they captured on their cameras, CLIENT must provide TAMLLC with a copy of the footage.

Under no circumstances are cameras allowed in bedrooms that sitter may be sleeping in or ANY bathrooms! 

CLIENT must list any cameras they have here (inside, outside and hidden):


Entire Understanding
CLIENT has reviewed this service contract and its attachments for accuracy and understands the contents of this form.

Should any section, provision or portion of the contract be held to be invalid, illegal, void or unenforceable, then such section, provision or portion shall be deleted from this contract. The remainder of this contract shall continue in full force and effect.

This contract shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the State of Washington. Each party will perform its obligations in accordance with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations of said State.

No term or provision of this contract shall be waived and no breach excused verbally. To be effective, each waiver or excuse shall be in writing and signed by the party who waived or excused.

Each waiver or excuse shall be independent of all other. Therefore, if a term or provision is waived or breach is excused, that waiver or excuse shall not waive any other term or provision or excuse any other breach.


Future Services
CLIENT authorizes this contract to be valid approval for future services so as to permit TAMLLC to accept CLIENT'S reservations and enter CLIENT'S premises without additional signed contracts or written authorization. CLIENT has completed and signed required veterinary release forms.


CLIENT agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save, and hold TAMLLC harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, injury, damage, costs, and claims, including reasonable attorney's fees (“Liabilities”), asserted against TAMLLC, its clients, officers, and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed, to include, but not limited to injury, to person or property caused in any way by CLIENT’S pet(s), and/or in which CLIENT’S pet sustains injury.

I, do hereby waive and release TAMLLC from any and all liabilities of any nature.

TAMLLC agrees to provide all services in a kind, reliable, and trustworthy manner. In the case of an emergency, inclement weather, or a natural disaster I authorizeTAMLLC to use their reasonable judgment for the care and well being of my pet(s) and/or home.



Policies & Procedures

Attachment I

Meet & Greet and Paperwork
Paperwork & Meetings
All paperwork MUST be filled out and signed properly before services can begin. If paperwork is not returned to TAMLLC or filled out properly, services will not be started or continued. Multiple meetings may be scheduled, however keep in mind, there will be $40 fee for each meeting after the initial consultation. Payment will need to be made before additional meetings will be scheduled.

Meeting Your Sitter/ Walker:
TAMLLC has several staff members that provide services. TAMLLC does not schedule consultations/meetings for CLIENTS to meet with sitters/walkers. TAMLLC does this for several reasons, but to name a few:

1.) It is nearly impossible for the CLIENT, TAMLLC as well as the assigned sitter/walker to all be available at the same time to meet.

2.) Having multiple strangers show up while the CLIENT is home can cause unnecessary stress/fear/aggression from CLIENT'S pet that could potentially cause trust issues between CLIENT'S pet and TAMLLC. This can happen no matter how loving and friendly the pet is.

3.) When handling pets with behavioral issues or quirks, TAMLLC has specific rules and protocols that TAMLLC abide by for the safety of everyone including CLIENT'S pet. This is how TAMLLC is able to successfully build relationships with these types of pets and even pets without behavioral issues over the years.

 gives TAMLLC permission to use their pet(s) photos on social media, website, etc.. CLIENT’S first name, last name and/or location are NEVER used with any photos, ONLY pet’s name(s). TAMLLC does not tag pet owners in photos for privacy purposes.


Service Policies
Please allow at least a 2 hour window during which services will occur. We will do our best to accommodate the times requested however we cannot guarantee that services will be provided at the exact time requested. All services are available throughout the year even during Winter! Some days any outdoor activity may be shortened due to weather conditions such as (heat, rain, smoke, cold, snow etc.). CLIENT must understand that extreme temperatures can be too HOT or too COLD for your pets paws and can cause serious damage to their pads and cause extreme pain. In the event of this, TAMLLC will stay and play with your pet for the remaining time if CLIENT would like.

In the event that temperatures are too extreme for outdoor activity and the service time needs to be shortened, would CLIENT like TAMLLC to stay for the remainder of the service time?


e aware that most dogs, even ones that love walks, don't like to go on walks if their owner is home. If TAMLLC is not needed for a scheduled walk due to CLIENT being home, we ask that CLIENT notify TAMLLC before nine (9) o’clock A.M.. If TAMLLC is not notified and arrives to find CLIENT home, TAMLLC may opt to shorten walk with NO rate change, refund or credit towards future services.

Please understand that if TAMLLC becomes sick, TAMLLC will not only be unable to care for CLIENT’S pet but many others as well. In the event that CLIENT or anyone in CLIENT’S household is home sick or poses any health risk to TAMLLC, TAMLLC reserves the right to refuse services at any time. If TAMLLC is not needed for a scheduled service due to CLIENT or other persons being home, we ask that CLIENT notify TAMLLC before nine (9) o’clock A.M. (credit for such service will be issued, full credit amount MUST be used within 7 days). If TAMLLC is not notified and arrives to find CLIENT or other persons home, TAMLLC may opt out of service with NO rate change, refund or credit towards future services.


Collars, Leashes, Tags
TAMLLC will always use the leash provided by CLIENT. In the event that the leash can not be found, TAMLLC will have a spare leash available and will use on walks if neededIf CLIENT provides TAMLLC with a Flexi leash (retractable leash) to use, CLIENT agrees to not hold TAMLLC responsible for any and all liabilities caused by leash breaking or any other malfunction of leash. TAMLLC also reserves the right to refuse services or use of Flexi leash (retractable leash).Please make sure that your dog has a license as well as ID tags.

If needed for better behavior, barking, or to keep your dog under control TAMLLC may use a Martingale, Halti, Pinch Collar, Harness, Citronella Spray Collar, Vibration/Tone Collar or a different collar. TAMLLC will make an effort to notify CLIENT if one of these collars may be needed to manage CLIENT'S pet’s behavior during services. With CLIENT’S permission TAMLLC will test out different collars/ harnesses and will let you know which is best suited for your dog. NO SHOCK COLLARS or CHOKE CHAINS ALLOWED!  Choke Chains will ONLY be allowed if they are being used to hold pets tags. Choke chains will NOT be used for walking pet.

If CLIENT provides either of these collars (shock collar or choke chain) and insists on TAMLLC using themCLIENT agrees to not hold TAMLLC responsible for any and all liabilities caused by collars.

Does CLIENT give TAMLLC permission for pet to be off-leash in an un-fenced area? If so CLIENT agrees to not hold TAMLLC responsible or liable for any incidents that may occur while pet is off-leash.


Flea Control
Although we do not require your dog to be on monthly flea treatment. TAMLLC can NOT be held responsible if your pet gets fleas, ticks or any other parasites in TAMLLC care. We recommend, but do not require, that your pet is properly treated when using any services where CLIENT'S pet will be leaving CLIENT'S home. TAMLLC will always check over pet before beginning services. If TAMLLC finds any evidence of fleas, ticks or other parasites TAMLLC has the right to refuse services until properly treated. In the event that this happens and CLIENT can not be reached, TAMLLC reserves the right to treat pet(s) at CLIENT'S expense using Attachment V (Veterinary Release). Fees may apply if TAMLLC has to transport pet to the vet for treatment or if quarantine is needed.

Please understand that fleas and ticks can be more prone to different environments and cannot always be prevented, even with proper treatment.


Prior To Scheduled Services
Please DO NOT feed/water your dog before TAMLLC picks up your pet or takes him/her for walks, feeding before walks or car rides can cause a pet to become ill and can possibly lead to further health conditions such as bloat. A little water is fine.

Expect your dog to be thirsty when returning home. It is normal for dogs to be thirsty when they get home. It is best to wait about 30 minutes after arriving home before offering any food or water. DO NOT let them drink large quantities of water, quickly. This could cause upset stomachs, vomiting, diarrhea and/or bloat.


Unaltered dogs ACCEPTED (not spayed or neutered)

Unaltered Males:
CLIENT must let TAMLLC know if their dog has any aggressive behavior including dominance issues and if the dog will be altered in the future. CLIENT understands that in the case of any type of aggressive behavior, their dog will not be able to interact with other dogs.

Unaltered Females:
TAMLLC does accept dogs during their heat cycle. CLIENT must let TAMLLC know if their dog has any aggressive behavior including dominance issues and if the dog will be altered in the future. CLIENT also must provide TAMLLC with general time frame of their dogs heat cycle. CLIENT understands that in the case of any type of aggressive behavior, their dog will not be able to interact with other dogs. CLIENT also understands that is it not uncommon for dogs to go into heat early during pet care services due to change in the environment, owner being away or any other type of change or stress.


Pet Interaction
Pets are always kept separate from other pets unless CLIENT gives TAMLLC permission to let their pet interact with others. If CLIENT gives permission for pets to interact and CLIENT’S pet(s) attack(s) any other pet(s), including pet(s) in TAMLLC care, CLIENT will be held fully responsible for any and all vet costs caused by their pet.

Even with CLIENT’S permission TAMLLC will use their best judgment whether pets should be interacting. If CLIENT does not give permission, pet(s) will be kept separate at all times.

Does CLIENT give TAMLLC permission for their pet(s) to interact with others?


Pet Accidents
CLIENT understands that disrupting the pet's normal routine can cause accidents even in animals that have never had this problem before. We do our best to make sure all dogs are taken out to potty before TAMLLC leaves. TAMLLC will make every attempt to clean up any accidents during their visitsTAMLLC will not be held liable for any stains or damage done to CLIENTS home due to their pets accident, including but not limited to vomit, feces and urine. CLIENT acknowledges that even with our best efforts pet may have an accident between TAMLLC visits and/or when TAMLLC leaves and CLIENT returns home. Be sure to let TAMLLC know how you would like us to handle any accidents that may occur.

If CLIENT would like TAMLLC to clean any accidents and/or messes, please list instructions on how you would like TAMLLC to clean, what products to use and where they are located.

Cleaning Products:

Product Location:


Cleaning Instructions:



Staff Training
TAMLLC' list of clientelle is always growing which means so does the TAMLLC staff roster! CLIENT understands that in order for TAMLLC to have the best sitters and walkers, TAMLLC reserves the right to bring new staff members along on scheduled visits and walks for training as needed. CLIENT also understands that TAMLLC will not provide home access (keys, codes or alarms) to staff in training. 


Access To Home
CLIENT must notify TAMLLC if anyone else has keys or access to CLIENT'S property other than TAMLLC during the time the TAMLLC is caring for CLIENT'S home and pet. TAMLLC cannot be held liable for damages done to home or pet by others with such access. In addition, TAMLLC shall not be held liable for damage done by pet to either the interior or exterior of CLIENT'S home when TAMLLC is not there.

TAMLLC reserves the right to refuse services for shared or split jobs where CLIENT arranges for another person to care for their pet(s) during the time TAMLLC is contracted to provide care.

It has been our experience that oftentimes another sitter, even if they are a friend or family member, will not perform duties such as cleanups or will feed pet outside the scheduled times causing the pet to be overfed or worse, over medicated.

We highly recommend only one person care for CLIENT'S pet(s).

CLIENT has read this agreement and confirms all accuracy of the information provided. The signature below will indicate agreement.





Attachment II


All services must be made between regular business hours listed below.
Every effort will be made to make it as convenient as possible. If services are made outside of set times below, there will be a fee of $15 unless discussed otherwise.

Between The Hours Of
8AM – 10PM

Note: Depending on your location, travel fees may apply between the hours of 2pm – 7pm.

Service Hours
Although TAMLLC is available for services 24/7, we do charge a $10 fee in addition to original service rates for any services (excludes Overnight Stays) made between the hours of 10PM and 8AM.


Week Day/Weekend Services
Although services are available 24/7, we do not provide weekly services (dog walking, potty breaks, pooper scooping) over the weekend unless CLIENT is out of town and have scheduled dog walking and/or potty breaks in addition to other pet care services (pet sitting visits, overnight stays). Our dog walking and potty break services are available Monday – Friday 8AM – 10PM. IF CLIENT is in need of dog walking or potty breaks scheduled outside of these hours a $15 weekend fee will apply for each service scheduled.


We ask that you give as much notice possible prior to the dates you are looking to reserve. We book quickly especially for holidays! All services must be scheduled TWO (2) weeks prior to the reservation dates (ex. start date Wednesday the 17th, reservation must be made no later than Wednesday the 3rd) to avoid any additional fees. Please be respectful and understand that our sitters need to know their schedules prior to the work week. Allow2 hour window during which services will occur. We will do our best to accommodate the times requested however we cannot guarantee that services will be provided at the exact time requested. 

For any services scheduled less than 14 days prior to first day of scheduled service there will be a $10 last minute fee for all services.

Please schedule accordingly! In the event that CLIENT gives TAMLLC the wrong dates, service payment will not be refunded or credited. You will be charged again for the new reservation dates.


Holiday Fees
There will be a $30 fee in addition to original service rate on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th Of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve.

There will be a $10 fee in addition to original service rate on the following holidays: Martin Luther King Day, Valentines Day, Presidents' Day, St Patrick’s Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Veteran’s Day.


Any and all payments, fees and deposits are non-refundable and will not be credited towards any future services.

Please understand that when a CLIENT payfor services, this guarantees time on TAMLLC’S schedule for CLIENT’S pet(s) and TAMLLC may have turned down other clients/ potential clients to allow time for CLIENT’S pet(s).

If CLIENT is uncomfortable with this policy, CLIENT may schedule closer to service datesbut should be aware that space may not be available and there will be scheduling fees.

If for any reason TAMLLC needs to cancel a walk or visit, TAMLLC will credit the amount towards your next walk or visit. Credit MUST be used within 14 days of cancelled service date.

In the event that CLIENT departs later or arrives earlier than expected and needs to cancel a visit, TAMLLC will not refund or credit amount towards future services.


Rescheduling” is defined as any scheduled service that needs a date adjustment where at least ONE date from the original reservation stays the same. Example: September 8th –12th rescheduled to September 10th – 14th.

If scheduled dates are rescheduled 7 days or less prior to either the original first day of service or the rescheduled first day of service, whichever is earlier, there will be a $10 last minute rescheduling fee for all services.

If CLIENT plans to lengthen or shorten their trip they must contact TAMLLC by 9pm the night prior to last day of services in order to be put back on TAMLLC schedule without any additional feesIf CLIENT contacts TAMLLC after 9pm the prior night, there will be a $20 fee. CLIENT agrees to pay any and all additional fees incurred at time of rescheduling including rates for additional services scheduled.

*This is not for scheduled services that need to be changed to completely different dates or any dog walking/ potty break services. In this case CLIENT will need to cancel existing dates and schedule a NEW reservation. Any and all payments, fees and deposits from canceled services are non-refundable and will not be credited towards new reservation or future services.*




Attachment III

Required Payments
Client will receive an invoice for each payment via email. Full payment will need to be made pending booking/reservation approval. Client will NOT be added to our schedule and services will NOT begin until FULL payment is made. All payments MUST be Credit/Debit Card made through Square. CASH AND CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Payments must be made online. DO NOT LEAVE CASH OR CHECKS FOR TAMLLC.

Please note, staff is not equipped to accept payments. All payments, including tips, must be made via Square.

Any and all payments, fees and deposits are non-refundable and will not be credited towards future services.

Tips are more than welcome! Any tips go directly to your sitter/ walker and are greatly appreciated! You are able to add a gratuity to your invoice at the time of payment.



Recurring Services

Weekly Invoicing
All weekly invoices will be sent out every MONDAY the week prior to the scheduled week and must be paid immediately. If CLIENT’S invoice is not paid by WEDNESDAY evening a last minute scheduling fee will be applied.

Monthly Invoicing
All monthly invoices will be sent out on the 1st of every month and must be paid immediately. If CLIENT’S invoice is not paid by the 3rd a last minute scheduling fee will be applied.

CLIENT agrees to reimburse TAMLLC for any additional expenses incurred for unexpected visits or service days, transportation, housing, food, or supplies. If services are lengthened, payment must be received before additional services can be performed.

CLIENT understands that any outstanding payments will incur a $20 fee for every day of delinquency. If account remains unpaid, TAMLLC will file on the 15th day of delinquency in Small Claims Court to recover all unpaid amounts, fees and penalties.



Premises Entry Release

Attachment IV

TAMLLC REQUIRES three (3) copies of CLIENT’S home key to keep on file for future services as well as any home access codes (alarms, gates, garage, etc.) and/or keys needed to access CLIENT’S home to provide services. In the event that CLIENT provides a door/garage code as the primary entry, TAMLLC will still require CLIENT to provide at least ONE (1) key in the event of code malfunction/ dead battery/ power outage or otherwise.

Note: Under no circumstances will TAMLLC accept door locks or alarms that require staff to use an app to lock/unlock. Keys, codes and fobs are the only accepted form of entry.

TAMLLC asks that all keys provided NOT come with any keychains, lanyards, labels, tags or any other ornaments. CLIENT is aware that TAMLLC will not label keys in any way that will make them identifiable. All safety measures will be taken to ensure that keys have no marks identifying that the keys belong to CLIENT’S home. CLIENT understands that keys are kept in a safe and secure location when not in use. In the event that keys are lost or stolen, TAMLLC will inform CLIENT  immediately. In such case CLIENT must inform TAMLLC if they would like to have their locks replaced or not. If CLIENT does not inform TAMLLC and replaces the locks on their own, TAMLLC will no longer be able to make an insurance claim and CLIENT will NOT be reimbursed.

TAMLLC WILL keep possession of CLIENT’S keys until CLIENT decides to terminate services. If CLIENT does not use services within a two (2) year period TAMLLC will attempt to contact CLIENT, if CLIENT would no longer like TAMLLC to keep their keys, the keys can be returned to CLIENT by certified mail or disposed of (unmarked) in the trash. CLIENT agrees to pay the following: $20 Certified, return post service charge. Fees MUST be paid before keys are scheduled to be returned. Under no circumstances will keys be hand delivered.

In the event that CLIENT has key(s) hidden outside or uses another method such as hiding under mat, in pot, lock box, etc. TAMLLC is not liable for any damages or theft that may occur. TAMLLC advises against this for safety reasons.

I, will providing TAMLLC the following key(s) and codes on   Please select the date in which CLIENT will be exchanging key(s).

Front door key(s):

Back door key(s):

Key Fob:

Garage Opener:

Front/Back Door Code:

Garage Door Code:
Gate Code:
Elevator Code:

Total number of PHYSICAL key(s) provided to TAMLLC:   If you are not providing a key today, please enter 0 above.

CLIENT is aware that TAMLLC may give key(s) to their employee(s) as a means to provide pet care. By signing this  agreement, CLIENT agrees that all of TAMLLC staff members shall be covered by this agreement.

Home Security / Alarm System
CLIENT understands that TAMLLC is not responsible for any fees incurred by the alarm company or law enforcement in the event that alarm sounds and TAMLLC is unable to disable it. CLIENT also understands that there is always a chance of alarm malfunction and of TAMLLC being unable to disarm the alarm. In the event that alarm sounds and TAMLLC is unable to disarm alarm or contact CLIENT, TAMLLC will remove pets from the home (if possible) to prevent pets from becoming stressed and will wait for law enforcement to arrive.

Note: Under no circumstances will TAMLLC accept client to "arm" and/or "dissarm" alarm manually/ remotely when TAMLLC arrives/ leaves. TAMLLC has a schedule to keep and will not message/call and wait for CLIENT to turn the alarm on/off. If alarm is set TAMLLC will require a code.

Is there an alarm in place?

Will you be providing an Alarm Key Fob?

Alarm Company:
Company Phone:
Alarm Code ON:

Alarm Code OFF:
Alarm Instructions:
If alarm sounds what is the password to reset?



Veterinary Release

Attachment V

I, hereby authorize Veterinarian to give out any information, records and documents about my pet to TAMLLC or a representative of TAMLLC.

This form will be retained on file and will be used to authorize urgent veterinary treatment in the event that CLIENT’S pet requires such treatment during CLIENT’S absence. If anything changes from what is listed belowCLIENT must inform TAMLLC before the next service is scheduled to begin.

In the event of a medical emergency where TAMLLC cannot contact CLIENT to authorize care immediately and/or directly, TAMLLC will use this form to obtain care. This agreement is valid from the date below and grants permission for future veterinary care without any need of additional authorization each time TAMLLC cares for my pet(s).

If Veterinary Release is not filled out properly and TAMLLC is unable to contact CLIENT, TAMLLC will be unable to get CLIENT’S pet the proper care.


Primary Veterinarian
Name of Hospital/Clinic:
Hospital/Clinic Address:
Name of preferred Doctor:


Primary After Hours Emergency Hospital/Clinic
Name of Vet:
Hospital/Clinic: Address:
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I,    hereby give TAMLLC my express permission to transport any of my pet(s) for care to the above-mentioned Veterinarians.I also authorize TAMLLC to utilize an alternative Veterinarian if needed. I give permission for the hospital/clinic/doctor to administer any care or medications necessary. I understand that TAMLLC will try to contact me as soon as possible in the event of a medical emergency.

In signing this contract, I agree that TAMLLC has the authority to make any health, medical and financial decisions regarding the animals that will be scheduled to receive service. If TAMLLC can not contact me, I give permission to TAMLLC to approve treatment up to $  per pet (most common values are $200, $500, $1000, or unlimited).

I,  will assume full responsibility for the payment for any and all veterinary services needed, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, medical supplies, grooming and boarding. I also understand I will be responsible for all Special Service Fees assessed by TAMLLC for emergency transportation, care, supervision, or hiring of emergency caregivers, and will pay such fees immediately following my return.

TAMLLC is not to be responsible for any medical fees if such event may occur.

CLIENT MUST notify TAMLLC of all health issues prior to service date. Such issues include but are not limited to (skin irritation, allergies, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) In such case pet must be taken to a veterinarian to be checked, and written release must be provided to TAMLLC from veterinarian confirming illness is not contagious. Whether the condition is contagious or not TAMLLC reserves the right to refuse services.

CLIENT understands and agrees, if pet is released to TAMLLC care in such condition without TAMLLC knowledge, TAMLLC may return pet to CLIENT or if CLIENT is not available, pet is to be taken to an alternate care facility. CLIENT will be notified in such case.

I,     agree to inform my Veterinarian that TAMLLC will be caring for my pet during my absence. I also understand and agree to make arrangements to have my Veterinarian reimbursed for any service necessary during my absence by leaving my credit card # on file. If CLIENT does not do so, TAMLLC may not be able to get CLIENT’S pet(sproper and/or immediate care if needed.

TAMLLC is authorized to perform care and services as outlined in this contract. The TAMLLC is also authorized to seek any medical care if deemed necessary with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expense. TAMLLC is authorized to approve any medical and/or emergency treatment as is recommended by a Veterinarian. I also authorize TAMLLC to utilize an alternative Veterinarian in the event my primary Veterinarians are unavailable. If pet is in need of immediate care, pet will be taken to closest or best fitting alternative veterinarian for what is occurring.

If pet(s) has current or previous illnesses, medical conditions or health issues, CLIENT MUST have Veterinarian sign a form that we will provide approving that your pet is cleared to be under TAMLLC care for services to be provided and does not pose a health risk to itself, TAMLLC, or other pets in TAMLLC care.

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Signed by Ashley Balatico
Signed On: April 3, 2021

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