Employee Availability Form

Employee Availability


For new employees, this form should be completed with your Manager. This form is to record the times you are available to work for each day of the week. This form will only be filled out ONCE. After that, it should be updated any time your availability changes (for example: your are no longer available Mondays and Wednesdays). If you do not have any restrictions for a specific day, record "no restrictions". If you cannot work on a given day of the week or weekend, record "unavailable" for that day. Remember, having a restricted availability may impact the total hours you may be scheduled to work. Management will try to accommodate your requests as best possible.

Any employees seeking time off must give management at least 2 weeks (14 days) notice prior to first day "off". By giving 2 weeks notice, this does not guarantee that your request will be accepted.


I , agree that the following availability is accurate and that in the event that my availability changes for any reason, I will give management 2 weeks notice.




I , agree that I am available to work on the following holidays and in the event that my availability changes for any reason, I will give management at least 6 weeks notice.


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