Pet Information

Pet Information

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Please fill out a Pet Information Form for EACH pet that will be in our care.


Pet Name:


Pet Type:


DOB/Age:          Breed:  Color:        Weight:





(Females ONLY) Heat Cycle Schedule:




Is pet crated when alone?

If yes, where is crate located? (if you have multiple dogs/crates, specify which crate belongs to which dog)


Feeding & Medication Instructions:

If feeding information is not provided, under no circumstances will TAMLLC feed your pet. Even if CLIENT texts or emails instructions.

Food Brand: Flavors: Amount Per Feeding:


Feeding Times:






Feeding Procedure For Each Meal:


Any known current or previous illnesses? (cancer, stroke, heart problems, seizures, etc.)

If yes, please explain:

Medications Or Supplements?

List All Medications and Supplements: 

Medication Procedure For EACH Dose:

ALLERGIES to any medications?

REACTION to medications listed above?

Other Allergies:


Pet Doesn’t Like:


How does pet react to the above?



Has your pet ever bitten anyone?


Is your pet good with kids? 


Does your pet play with others? 


Injured self out of boredom? 


Has your pet ever had aggression towards another pet? 


Does anything make your pet nervous? 


Does your pet have any type of aggression? 


Does your pet have any anxiety? 


Injured self /escaped out of fear? 


Escaped from home? 


Where does he/she like to escape to?


How can he/she be retrieved?


Other Information/ Instructions:

Leave this empty:

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Signed On: March 18, 2021

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