Step by Step

You’ve taken a good look around and you like what you see. Now what? How does this work? Not to worry! We’ve got a process.

What services will you be needing? You’ll find our prices on each service page.

Because of COVID protocols we have in place to keep our sitters/walkers safe and in compliance with the state mandates, we do all consultations via email, phone, or zoom. Select the best method for you and let’s set up a date/time to go over your pet’s needs.

Consultation Request Form
I Don’t Need a Consultation

Once you decide to hire us, we’ll send you our digital contract and fairly extensive paperwork, where you will fill out all the information about your pets, their food type, amount frequency, location, and any other supplies or meds we might need during our visits. At this time, you may want to send pics showing where you keep things or even a video “tour” or how-to.

Once you’ve signed our digital contract & paperwork, you’ll receive an email invitation to download and login to Scout, our scheduling app.

From the Scout app, request services on the dates you’d like. It’s super easy to use!

Based on your paperwork and scheduling request, we will assign the sitter/walker who is the best fit for your pet’s needs. We will try to assign the same sitter/walker for all your pet’s services. Learn more about your sitter/walker on our “Team” page.

We will check our availability for the dates you’ve requested and you will receive an invoice. Simply pay with a debit/credit card.

NOTE: We do not use Scout for invoices. They will be emailed to the email address you’ve provided us.

Once we receive your payment, we put you on our calendar! You will receive notice of this through the Scout app. You’re all set!

Your sitter/walker provides the services you’ve scheduled. You’ll receive a “Report Card” for each visit from your sitter/walker, with photo(s) and a note about your pet that day along with GPS tracking.

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