Pet taxi is a great service for transporting pets almost anywhere!

The most common destinations for pets are either their veterinarian or groomer. Even though these are the most common places, we also transport to your pet’s grandparents, daycare and more!

The Alpha Mama will come pack up your pet at any location and either drop off your pet or wait and transport them back or to another location.

***This service is for pets ONLY. Owners may not ride along.

Pet Taxi Rates

Base Rate


Mileage Rate


Wait Time


Free Pickup within 10 miles*

*There will be a mileage charge if we need to travel more than 10 miles to your pickup location.

Pet Taxi - 2 dogs on a car seat
Pet Taxi - Dog sitting in a car seat
Pet Taxi - Car looking out a car window
Pet Taxi - 3 dogs in a car

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