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Ashley (owner)

I am the owner of The Alpha Mama LLC. I was born and raised in Woodinville, WA. I grew up always rescuing any animals I could, especially if they were injured and did everything I could to nurse them back to health. Animals care is my passion! I have been working in the pet industry since 2006 and have worked for dog boarding and training facilities, doggy daycares, pet nutrition, pet sitter/ dog walker, dog and cat bather/ grooming handler and worked with feral cats. After seeing and experiencing behind the scenes of all of the facilities, I knew that was not something I wanted to be a part of. In January 2015 I started The Alpha Mama where pets are able to stay in the comfort and safety of their own home! I spend most of my time with my pets (Bowie, Neptune, Felix & Rubber), relaxing at home, watching movies, go kart racing, working on my trucks.

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My name is Cassidy and I am from Fall City, WA. I have owned dogs and cats my whole life and have also been working with horses for 9 years. As a kid, I did everything I could to be around animals. I have volunteered at horse rescues, shadowed horse trainers/farriers, and I have gone through basic obedience training at Riverdog in Issaquah with my own pup! I enjoy riding/working with my horse, spending time with my dogs and cats, road trips, and listening to music!

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My name is Brandi and one of the main passions I have consistently had in my life is animals. I was born and raised in Southern CA, but moved to WA with my husband about a year ago. We share 3 fur babies; a Golden Retriever Honey, and two Australian Shepherds Maple, and Pepper. In my free time, I am often outside no matter what the weather is like. I enjoy kayaking, hiking with my girls (dogs), snowshoeing, road cycling, running, and open water swimming. I am also an avid reader, and writer. I have volunteered as a foster home for dogs and cats that have no place to go when shelters close, and have been involved in finding them, their forever homes. I have been surrounded by animals all my life, and look forward to helping you make sure that your pet(s) get the care and love they need.

  • Pet First Aid & CPR Certified

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