Giant Breed Dogs



The Alpha Mama specializes in dogs with aggression issues. Knowing what it’s like to be constantly turned away due to your dog’s behavior whether it’s human aggression, dominance issues, fearfulness or aggression towards other pets, we are one of the few pet care businesses that will make an effort to care for your dog no matter the behavior.

EVERY dog is different, has different triggers, things that make them nervous and has grown up and had different experiences in life. This includes things that make them happy, things that make them angry, anxious, submissive, depressed, all of the above; they’re all different. We treat all dogs as individuals, not like they are all the same. They all have different behaviors and we take the time to learn your dog’s behaviors and triggers.

Because all dogs are different and owners prefer different training methods we have experience and knowledge with most training methods and handle your dog’s behavior and training in whatever method you would like. We take the time to learn how our clients’ dogs act and think and we take this very seriously.

The Alpha Mama provides care for all types of dogs with behavioral issues and gives pet owners peace of mind knowing that their dog is in good hands and with someone who is knowledgeable in dog behavior.


There will be a preliminary consultation for aggressive dogs to determine the best care option for your dog.



Our staff are employees, not contractors. We are not dog walkers/pet sitters looking to make some extra cash on the side, this is a full-time business. Our employees recieve benifits such as sick leave, annual bonuses, etc.. Because of the wide variety of pets that we care for as well as dogs with behavioral issues, we are extremely cautious about who we hire. All of our employees are experienced and required to go through hands on training with Ashley (owner) to ensure that they will be a good fit for this company. We take our job very seriously. We do not hire just anyone or anyone that loves pets and wants to work with them. Our employees go through 2 weeks of extensive on the job training where they are put in situations they could run into on a daily basis, and trained on policies and protocals. They are also tested on dogs with different types of behavioral issues to make sure they are comfortable and can earn the dog’s trust. If they do not pass the 2 weeks of training and testing they are let go. We wouldn’t hire anyone that we wouldn’t trust with our own pets!

Even though we are a team, it will not be multiple people caring for your pets. You will be assigned a single sitter that fits you and your pets needs. In case of any emergencies or your sitter being unavailable, Ashley (owner) will be the back up and care for your pets. This ensure that you will not have to worry about someone new that hasn’t met your pet coming into your home and caring for them. We will always have you covered!



We are the only local pet care business that provides services 24/7 around the clock! This does NOT mean we provide overnight stays and/or stay at your house 24/7, this is not a service that we provide. What we mean by 24/7 is that you can schedule any of our services day or night. You can schedule a potty break at 2AM or even a dog walking at 7AM! The sky is the limit on the amount of services you want and what times you want them done!


There is a fee for after hours services and it is best to schedule as far in advance as possible to ensure your spot on our schedule.