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The Alpha Mama
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by Sandy on The Alpha Mama
BREED: Tabby

We love Ashley who has taken the best care of me ( Sandy ). I am always happy to see her and know I am safe and fed and happy ! The customized Christmas stocking was so sweet and I am playing with my new toys everyday!! What a treat it is for me ! Thank you !!

by Beau on The Alpha Mama
BREED: Basset Hound

My 12 year old Basset Hound, Beau, recently had cancer surgery. Work is very busy and he needed constant attention. I reached out to Ashley and she was able to send one of her team members, Olivia. Olivia was amazing with Beau during the 5 visits we had. She loved and gave him the gentle care during this time. I couldn;t have done it without her. I highly recommend their services.

by Brady & Summer on The Alpha Mama
BREED: 2 Mutts

I want to give a shout out to Ashley Balatico at The Alpha Mama for the great customer service while pet sitting for our 2 dogs & 2 cats during our annual camping trip this summer.

I was impressed all around by her service - she was great answering my questions, was on time for our meeting, asked lots of questions to learn all the details about the pets needs/routine/food/play, etc., took the time to play with the dogs so they'd know her when she returned, offered to rotate lights and take in newspaper/mail, and was always available to answer questions or send us updates on the pets status while we were away. Plus she was flexible enough to cover for us last minute and even add on an extra day of care.

If you are looking for pet sitting service please give her a call!

by Kaya on The Alpha Mama
BREED: Shiba Inu

We have been using The Alpha Mama for almost 10 years. Ashley is very reliable and our Shiba who is aggressive with other dogs, somehow always behaves her best at Ashley’s place. When Ashley comes to pick Kaya up, Kaya is super happy and runs to the door ready to go. We are very happy with The Alpha Mama.

by Zachery on The Alpha Mama

Ashley was an amazing and compassionate caregiver for Zachery over the last few years of his life. I felt safe enough to let her in my house during the work day to walk my fur baby. She would let me know how he was doing, when he was happy to see her, or just not willing to walk around the block. When we were out of town, she was willing to take my baby into her home, and give him the personal care he needed. At the end, I felt that she cared almost as much about Zachery as I did, and I like to think that she was more than a dog walker, she was truly a friend to our family. I highly recommend Ashley, she is the Alpha Mama! Her name says it all!

by Sir Boots, Ms Boots & Gracie on The Alpha Mama
BREED: Tuxedo, Tuxedo & Manx

I first met Ashley when my cat, Sir Boots was about to die. I needed help, and didn't know what to do until I found The Alpha Mama. Ashley came over immediately and wrapped my fur baby in a towel and fed him chicken broth through a syringe. The next morning, the difference in Sir Boots was incredible. He was not nearly as lethargic and lifeless. That was the beginning of Ashley becoming my 3 fur kids caregiver. She continued to hand-feed Sir Boots for the next 2 weeks until he was able to eat on his own. Sir Boots has a lot of health issues and I knew by the care and dedication Ashley had towards his health that he was in great hands. One of my other cats, Ms. Boots has always been skittish and whenever company would come over, she would be under the bed and would not come out for hours, even after the company left. During one of her visits, Ashley noticed Ms. Boots, hovering low to the floor, running back to her safe place, and informed me that this behavior was not healthy, and that Ms. Boots was insecure with her surroundings. This broke my heart. I did not want her to live the remaining years of her furry life in fear. Ashley explained that there may have been other pets in the foster home Ms. Boots came from and she may have been bullied, making her skittish and fearful that her food would be eaten. This would explain why she gobbles her food down too quickly and gets sick immediately afterward. Ashley spent time bonding with Ms. Boots to make her feel more comfortable with her surroundings. Ashley has also educated me on the proper food for them. She shared a 66-page document about how bad commercial pet food is. Right then and there, I made a decision: No matter the cost, my fur babies will now be eating as they are meant to. Raw food. Bottom Line? Raw was good for them. Was it costly? At first, but Ashley went over the top on this – she did a price comparison of the junk I was feeding them to the raw food. Not much of a difference at all and I now have 3 healthy cats that act like kittens running around chasing each other. They are no longer overweight, have shiner coats, overall in good health, and Ms. Boots is calmer. If you ever need help with your pet, look no further. With Ashley’s experience, knowledge in pet health, as well as her passion and love for animals, your fur babies will be happy and well cared for. I highly recommend her. She is dedicated to her 4-legged clientele.

by Nikki on The Alpha Mama
BREED: Shiba-Inu

Ashley is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. She is helping me with my senior Shiba who is suffering from multiple health issues and it's been wonderful.

by Buck & Sage on The Alpha Mama
BREED: German Shephards

Ashley does a great job with our 2 pups. When we first started looking for a dog sitter I was very skeptical about letting anyone take our pups for the night, but after their first night with Ashley I knew it was a great place to have them. Now they could stay multiple nights with her and I know they are in good hands. They love Ashley and she loves them. She takes the best care of them- even when the pups got sick and we couldn't come pick them up right away, she did everything she could to keep them well taken care of and took them to the vet for us. She makes your pets a priority when they are in her care and that means a lot to us! We have been going to Ashley for the last few months and will continue to use her in the future. We highly recommend Ashley to care for your pets

by Charlie, Rincon & Pistol Pete on The Alpha Mama
BREED: Schnauzer, Corgi Mix & Cattle Dog Mix

My dogs are always excited to see Ashley!! She is reliable, trustworthy and very helpful!! So glad I found her!!

by Baby & Angel on The Alpha Mama
BREED: Chihuahuas

Ashley is the most professional, trustworthy, and ethical animal caregivers I have ever worked with.  When I was transferred to Washington in early December 2015, I found myself in desperate need of a dog sitter who could work with my 12 hour shifts.  Thank goodness, I found The Alpha Mama!!! Ashley took such fantastic care of my two female Chihuahua's (6 and 7 years old). One of my girls (Angel) is very "voluptuous" (we don't say the F-A-T word around her...hee hee) and needed to be lifted and carried sometimes due to a condition in her knees.  Ashley treated her like a fragile china doll and made sure she was always safe. My other girl (Baby.....7 lbs and bulletproof) loved "Miss Ashley" so much. Whenever I said "....come on girls....time to go to day care and to Miss Ashley..."  Baby would lose her mind and run around the house in circles, barking, while jumping up and down. Honestly, it made me feel so good inside!!  Ashley would text me during the day to let me know how they were doing.  Because of my temporary location in Redmond (I work in Everett) Ashley would meet me halfway....and sometimes when I was working late or got called in (I work in a hospital), Ashley went out of her way to accommodate my hectic schedule, most meeting times being at 5am in the morning! I am in healthcare, am a former police officer, and an animal advocate. I would not hesitate to leave any of my animals (or grandchildren for that matter) with Ashley. She is fabulous!!!

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